For the love of writing

106A7492I know a real life author; a person who has dedicated a big chunk of the past few years to creating a piece of work which, on completion, was good enough for a publisher to say ‘We’ll have a piece of that, AND we’ll pay you’. How cool is that?!

My former colleague Anna Daniels recently published her very first novel Girl In Between. I was privileged enough to see beginnings of this story back in 2014 via patchy gmail messages, when she was up to a word count of around 40 000. I was memorably impressed by her inclusion of the backyard drinking game Goon-of-Fortune within those very first lines.

I can’t remember the last rom-com I read (unless you’d include The Rosie Project in the genre) so I was surprised to chew through the book in four days. To be honest I could have devoured it within two, but a girl’s gotta go to work.

Nostalgia probably played a big part in my love of the story, after having lived in Rockhampton for four years where the book is predominately based. Reading about the cargo trains chugging up the main street, the drunk nights out at the pub slash rodeo, and the smell of cow shit wafting through the car window, are all the things I found myself falling in love with during my time in central Queensland.

On top of this, I’m a sucker for a Bold and the Beautiful style love triangle.

I’m so inspired by people who create for the sake of creating. They have something within them that just needs to come out. And because they believe in what they have to share, others get on board as well.

For National Refugee Week I interviewed an amazing young asylum seeker who writes because something within her is telling her to write. She wrote while she was locked up in detention on Christmas Island for 11 months, and she writes now that she’s free. At 21 years old she has also just published her first book in Australia.

These women are the kinds of people I want to surround myself with: people who create for the sake of creating. Then maybe I’ll find the courage to create a bit more for the sake of creating as well.

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